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Copts attacked at Muharraq monastery

Nader Shukry

05 Jun 2013 4:09 pm

Seven Copts were injured at the Monastery of the Holy Virgin, known as Muharraq Monastery north of Assiut. They had been at the monastery to attend the annual mulid that

precedes the feast of the Ascension. A mulid is a folk celebration that commemorates a religious occasion or a saint. 
On leaving the monastery grounds to buy some provisions, the Copts were attacked by some 10 outlaws who robbed them, hurled stones at them and attacked them with knives and daggers when they attempted to defend themselves. Six were moved to the Qoussiya nearby hospital; the seventh, Abdel-Nour Malak who sustained serious injuries had to be moved to Assiut University Hosptial.
A complaint was made to the police who, even though the criminals were reported by name and are well known to the locals, turned a blind eye to the incident. According to Father Taddeus al-Maharraqi, enraged Copts blocked the road that leads to the monastery to protest the police inaction. He told Watani that the attack took place outside the monastery grounds.
Watani Intenrational
5 June 2013


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