Donation from Australia Copts to family of Muslim guard killed in church attack

11-02-2018 08:34 PM

Nevine Gadallah

The widow of the Muslim policeman killed during a gunfire attack against the church of Mar-Mina in Helwan, south of Cairo, on 29 December 2017, was received by Anba Yulius, General Bishop of Old Cairo and of Services, who handed her a cheque for EGP140,000 (approximately USD8,000) donated by the Coptic community in Australia.

Fathiya Muhammad, widow of the policeman Reda Abdel-Rahman Ismail who was, together with another policeman, on duty guarding Mar-Mina’s when the gunfire attack in which he lost his life took place, has seven children to provide for.

Two gunmen on motorcycle had opened fire on the church of Mar-Mina in Helwan on the morning of Friday 29 December 2017 as the congregation attended Holy Mass inside. The police security guards stationed outside the church exchanged fire with the gunmen; one security guard and one gunman fell dead. The other gunman tried to flee through a side street but was caught by the other security guards. The church guards hastened to shut the gates of the church, and thus protected the congregation inside but, outside the church, six Copts were killed.

The two gunmen had, on their way to the church, attacked a Coptic-owned shop that sells home appliances, killing two Coptic brothers that worked there.

Altogether, the attack claimed the life of eight Copts, one policeman, and one gunman. Five persons were injured.

During the funeral service held the following day for the Copts, Anba Raphail, Secretary-General of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod, voiced a strong call to fight terrorist thought in Egypt [].

Watani International

11 February 2018

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