Fanatic church guard in Alexandria detained

21-12-2018 12:28 AM

Nader Shukry

Alexandria security authority has detained a policeman who stood guard at the church of the Two Saints in the district of Sisi Bishr. A complaint had been filed against the policeman who goes by the name of Mustafa, that he had insulted a young woman from the congregation, Reham Sobhy aged 34, as she entered the church. She said the police guard directed insults at all Copts, then said: “In a few days some extremist will come along and throw a bomb [on the church] and blow you all up. We’ll be sure to gloat then.”

Ms Sobhy posted the incident on her Facebook page. Members of the congregation were livid at the fanatic exchange, and insisted she file a complaint. The policeman was caught and is detained 15 days pending investigation.

The security officials concerned have apologised for the insults by the policeman, and said they would not tolerate any such misconduct, stressing that anyone who fails to adequately fulfil his security duty would be penalised.

The Two Saints church was the scene of the New Year Eve bombing in 2011 that left 23 Copts dead and scores injured.

Watani International

20 December 2018

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