Four held by Minya police for attacking Copt

12-06-2016 09:48 PM

Naour Seifein

Four Muslim men from the village of Damshir in Minya, some 230km south of Cairo, have been held by the police for assaulting a Coptic man and terrorising his family.
The four men: Muhammad Shaaban, a 42-year-old construction worker; Mustafa Atef, 35; Farghali Fikry, 41; and Mustafa Abdel-Hamid, 35; the three latter are employees; assaulted with knives the 45-year-old Copt Nassef Ramzy, attempted to break into his home in Damshir, terrorised his family, and tried to get him to forcibly leave the village. Mr Ramzy reported the attack to the police, saying that the attack against him and his family was on account of his having donated a piece of land he owned, on which he was erecting a building, to be used as a church.
The police arrested the four Muslim men, and halted construction in Mr Ramzy’s building, placing it under police guard, as investigations take place.

WATANI International
12 June 2016

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