Headmistress forces hijab on schoolgirls

18-10-2016 09:58 PM

Nader Shukry

The director of a preparatory girls school in Zagazig, the capital city of the east Delta province of Sharqiya, is being investigated by Zagazig education directorate for forcing the Islamic scarf, ++hijab++ on girls as part of the school uniform.
The father of the student Nada Salah Farouq had filed a complaint against the director of al-Nassiriya School in Zagazig for forcing his daughter to wear ++hijab++ against her wishes, and hanging a large sign in school detailing the school uniform and including ++hijab++.
This is not the first time that female students have been forced to wear Islamic dress to school. Other incidents have occurred in several places in Egypt. When reported, such incidents are investigated by the Education Ministry and the perpetrators are disciplined and moved from teaching to administrative jobs.

Watani International
18 October 2016









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