In Dekheila, Alexandria

15-12-2011 09:26 AM

Nader Shukry

Watani International
9 November 2011
Security authorities in Dekheila,west of Alexandria, managed to contain a sectarian crisis on Wednesday afternoon, when violent clashes erupted between Copts and Muslims in the marketplace. An argument between a Coptic greengrocer and a Muslim villager escalated into a full scale fight between the district Cops and Muslims when the Muslim man brought friends to attack the Copts. They came with knives, swords and firearms and attacked the greengrocer and the district Christians who retaliated with stones and Molotov cocktails. 
The Muslims attacked and damaged a Coptic-owned coffeeshop and an electric appliance shop. The fight raged on until security and armed forces and brought the matter under control.  
Kameel Seddiq, Secretary of the Alexandria Melli (Community) Council told Watani that some 20 Copts suffered slight injuries, one among them suffering concussion. Dr Seddiq told Watani  that the Copts reported 32 persons whom they accused of waging the attack. 
He deplored the rising sectarianism which makes minor incidents between Copts and Muslims blow out of all proportion.
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