Law for building churches before parliament

30-05-2016 07:27 PM

Nader Shukry

The draft law for building and repairing churches will be submitted tomorrow Tuesday 31 May to the Cabinet, before it makes its final journey to the House of Representatives, Magdi al-Agati, Minister of Legal Affairs and House of Representatives announced today.

The Minister explained that the draft law is finally ready to be reviewed by the Cabinet after four months of studies and discussions in which law experts as well as Church representatives were involved.

The draft law, he pointed out, was approved by the three main Churches as well as the security authorities. According to Agati, the draft law is constitutional, and is expected to be unanimously passed.

Copts have long suffered from outdated laws which make building new churches almost prohibitive, whereas building mosques is a trouble-free smooth procedure.




Watani International

30 May 2016


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