Ninth Copt shot to death in Libya

01-04-2014 07:46 PM

Tereza Hanna

An outraged crowd gathered this morning in the Abu-Seifein church of Samalout in Minya, Upper Egypt, to pay their last respects to Gad Abdel-Messih Abdel-Malak, who goes by the name Abdallah. Malak was shot to death by radical Islamists who attacked the shop where he worked in Benghazi, Libya

 Eyewitnesses say that Malak tried to flee his attackers who chased him until they killed him. Malak leaves behind a wife and three children who live in the village of Tayebba in Minya.
Malak is the second member of his family to meet this fate; his cousin Salama Fawzi Tobia recently died sustaining a head injury a few days after he was shot in the head at the hands of radical Islamists in Libya. 
Malak is the 9th Egyptian Copt to be killed at the hands of radical Islamists in Libya this year. Apart from Tobia and Malak, seven Copts from Sohag were tortured and killed in Benghazi two months ago.
Watani International
1 April 2014
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