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Police arrests 25 Copts protesting police laxity on disappeared girl

Nader Shukry

26 Mar 2017 9:36 pm



The police in the southern town of Qena has caught 25 Copts who were among Coptic protestors demonstrating against police laxity in searching for the teenager Marina Nash’at who disappeared three weeks ago.

The Copts were caught for demonstrating without informing the local security authorities as required by law. The girl’s father, Nash’at Labib, says they had to send a message to the authorities that it was unacceptable that a daughter should disappear and the police would do nothing serious about it. “We did not disrupt public order,” he said. “We demonstrated in a quiet side street, just to make our voices heard. But the police came and caught 25 of our young men.” He said his daughter had left home 20 days ago for a private lesson and never returned.

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Watani International 

26 March 2017



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