Police arrests 38 in Minya village for attacking Copts

02-09-2018 04:55 PM

Nader Shukry - Rimon al-Rawy


Minya prosecution has ordered the detention of 19 Muslims from the village of

Dimshau Hashim in Minya, some 250km south of Cairo, for waging an attack against Copts on Friday 31 August.

Minya police had arrested 38 Muslim extremists from the village on account of the attack. Following preliminary investigations, however, 19 were released and 19 are being further investigated on charges of perpetrating unrest and attacking others for allegedly building a church without licence.

According to a statement issued by Anba Macarius, Bishop-General of Minya, the attack on 31 August had targeted four Coptic homes belonging to: Adel Saeed Rizq, Reda Abdel-Sayed Rizq, Kamel Fawzy Shahata, and Fawazy Shahata Boutros; leaving two Copts injured by knife wounds in the head and face. The four homes were plundered, gold jewellery stolen, electric utilities smashed, and part of the property set on fire. One fireman was wounded as he attempted to put out the fire. All the injured were moved to Minya Public Hospital.

The village is currently under tight security.

The cause behind the attack was that the Copts were using a small hall in one of the houses for prayer, since the village includes no church.

Anba Macarius expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the administration of Minya and its security authorities for containing the situation and, more important, for their endeavors to recover the rights of Copts.

Watani International

2 September 2018


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