Pope Tawadros honours Health Minister Aide for caring for Copts injured in terror shooting

13-11-2018 10:12 PM

Georgette Sadeq

Pope Tawadros II has honoured Dr Sherif Wadie, Egypt’s Health Minster Aide for emergency care, for his prompt care of Copts injured the terror shooting on 2 November. The injured were treated at Sheikh Zayed Hospital in the satellite city of 6 October, west of Cairo. Eleven of the injured have been discharged from hospital, whereas four critical cases remain.

Dr Wadie was honored as Pope Tawadros yesterday received at the papal headquarters in Cairo the families of the martyrs and nine Copts who were among the 15 injured in the 2 November shooting against Coptic pilgrims visiting the monastery of St Samuel the Confessor in the desert west of Minya, some 220km southwest Cairo. The pilgrims had come came from Minya and Sohag, some 250km and 400km respectively south of Cairo. Daesh, also known as the Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the shooting which left seven dead and 15 injured. The victims included women and children.

Pope Tawadros received the distressed Copts with fatherly warmth, talking words to comfort them and assuring them of the Church’s full support. He enquired about the health of those still receiving treatment in hospital, and prayed for them.

Watani International

13 November 2018

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