Priest’s daughter assailant mentally unbalanced

05-07-2016 04:13 PM

Nader Shukry 

The family of Muhammad T. E, the 44-year- old employee with the Finance Ministry who three days ago stabbed in the neck the teenage daughter of a priest in the southern town of Sohag, has submitted to Sohag public prosecution a portfolio of documents that prove Mr T. E is mentally unbalanced and has been in and out of a number of mental health hospitals on that account. Among these hospitals was the State mental and psychological hospital in Abassiya, Cairo, in which Mr T. E spent three months as an inmate. He medical reports say that he can be a threat to himself and to others. His mental health problem led to a divorce from his wife.

The prosecution is proceeding with its own investigations and, according to a member of the defence team, will demand that the State hospital in Abassiya would monitor the assailant and issue an independent updated report on his Fifteen-year- old Lucia, the daughter Father Angaelus Murad who is a priest in Sohag, some 460km south of Cairo, was stabbed in the neck by Muhammad T.

E as she crossed the street in front of Sohag bishopric. Eyewitnesses say the assailant grabbed the girl by the hair and pulled her head back in what appeared to be an attempt to cut her throat. Young men who were then present at the bishopric church of Mar-Girgis (St George) rushed to the rescue of the girl and were able to save her from her assailant, but he had already stabbed her between the neck and shoulder. She was swiftly moved to hospital where the wound was stitched to stop the bleeding.. The young Copts caught the assailant and handed him over to the police.

Anba Bakhoum, Bishop of Sohag hastened to visit Lucia in hospital, as did Governor of Sohag, Ayman Abdel-Moniem; General Ahmed Abul-Futouh, head of Sohag security, and a number of security figures.

Yesterday, Lucia and the young Copt Fady Fouqeih who rescued her were both honoured by Sohag governor for their courage.

WATANI International

5 July 2016

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