Kidnappers of Coptic boy arrested

25-04-2016 06:02 PM

Nour Seifein

Minya and Assiut security forces have succeeded in catching a gang that

specialised in kidnapping members of wealthy families in Assiut and Minya and

demanding ransom. Their last victim was the Coptic boy the 13-year-old Antonius

Nawwar who was earlier this month kidnapped by unknown men in front of his

school in the Minya village of Manshat Minbal, Mattai, [


and was returned to his family unharmed a week ago.

The gang was formed of three unemployed men: Waleed E. D, 21; Muhammad K.

K, 23; and Mustafa M. K, 38; from the village of Beni Zeid in Qoussiya, Assiut; as

well as Hussein A.A, 30; from the village of Tawfiqiya in Samalout, Minya. The

members of the gang confessed to having kidnapped Antonius for ransom. Minya

police said the ransom money was found with them and returned to the family.

Watani International

25 April 2016

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