Victims of Palm Sunday bombings in care of State

15-05-2017 03:38 PM

Angele Reda

A meeting was held today at St Mark’s Cathedral in Abbassiya, Cairo, between representatives of the Coptic Orthodox Church’s Crisis Committee on one part and a delegation from the State-affiliated national council for care of the families of the martyrs and injured in terrorist attacks on the other. Sayed Abu-Beih, Secretary-General of the council, headed its delegation. Representing the Church’s Crisis Committee were Anba Zusima, Bishop of Etfeeh; and Father Pavlos Samir, Secretary of Public Relations of the Holy Synod, on behalf of Anba Pola, Bishop of Tanta. Participating in the meeting were laity members of the Church’s Crisis Committee: Ra’fat al-Khanagry and Nader Shukry.
The meeting reflected the State’s interest in supporting the injured and the families of martyrs of the two suicide bombings that took place in Tanta and Alexandria on Palm Sunday, 9 April 2017, and which left 45 dead. The Crisis Committee outlined the difficulties facing the families as regards receiving the financial support and pensions offered by the Ministry of Social Solidarity.
Abu-Beih confirmed that the council considers those killed in Tanta and Alexandria national martyrs, and will accordingly offer them all the benefits due. They will be given free health and medical care; adequate housing for those who need it; free public transport tickets; children will be exempted from school fees; in addition to other national benefits.
The Church’s Crisis Committee demanded the formation of a permanent joint committee with council to follow up on all issues or problems that may come up concerning the families of the injured and martyred.

Watani International
15 May 2017


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