Alleged robbery at Muhammad Ali Palace

20-09-2017 10:20 AM

Amany Ayed

Alleged robbery at Muhammad Ali Palace

Sources from the Egyptian antiquities authorities claimed Tuesday 19 September 2017 that some robbery had taken place at the 19th-century Palace of Muhammad Ali in Shubral-Kheima, Cairo.
Five police vehicles were seen at the palace at 9:30am, and the police banned visitors from going in and anyone at all from leaving the premises.
The antiquities sources said that some robbery had taken place, but no official declaration was issued nor any details regarding what had been robbed. Police investigations are ongoing.

Muhammad Ali Pasha (1769 – 1849) was the Ottoman Viceroy to Egypt in 1805. He ruled till 1848 And founded a dynasty that continued to rule Egypt till 1953 when the monarchy was overthrown and Egypt became a republic. Historically, he is considered the founder of modern Egypt.
In 1808, Muhammad Ali built himself a splendid retreat palace in Shubra al-Kheima, which he used as an official residence away from the Citadel in Cairo.

Watani International
20 September 2017

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