Ancient Egyptian antiquities under house in Minya

09-08-2017 12:58 PM

Rose Hosny

Ancient Egyptian antiquities under house in Minya

Rumours that an ancient Egyptian tomb discovered in a Samalout village in Minya, some 250km south of Cairo, belonging to the Pharaoh Seti II have been declared by the Antiquities Ministry to be false.
A Ministry spokesman explained that artefacts that go back to the time of Seti II were found, not his tomb. The artefacts were found by a villager who dug for them underneath his home. The include a stela inscribed with heiroglyphc reliefs, pieces of terracotta, an inscription of half a royal crown, and a Greco-Roman sink.
The man was detained by the police for questioning, and his house is being inspected by the antiquities authorities.
Seti II (or Sethos II) was the 5th ruler of the 19th Dynasty of Egypt and reigned from 1200BC to 1194BC. He was the son of Merneptah and Isetnofret II and sat on the throne during a period known for dynastic intrigue and short reigns.

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9 August 2017

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