Ancient sarcophagus found with Giza peasants

06-11-2018 12:28 AM

Riham al-Zahhar

Giza police has caught three brothers, and is searching for a fourth who is on the run, for being in possession of an ancient sarcophagus which they intended to sell. The sarcophagus is made of wood with beautiful coloured paintings and inscriptions, and holds a mummy inside.

Information leaked to the police, and later investigations, had led to Nasr A. A, a peasant who lives in Badrashen, Giza, who was believed to conceal antiquities in his house, which he intended to traffic in. The police went to his house, only to find that that he was out. His three brothers, however, were there. They had the wooden sarcophagus.

The three brothers confessed to possessing the sarcophagus which they said they had intended to sell jointly with their fourth brother who escaped. They were arrested and the sarcophagus confiscated. Experts from the Ministry of Antiquities pronounced it authentic.

Legal action is being taken against the brothers. Trafficking antiquities is illegal in Egypt.

Watani International

5 November 2018

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