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Archaeology day for children

Sanaa’ Farouk

05 Aug 2016 8:08 pm

Last Wednesday saw the children of the east Delta province of Daqahliya join in a workshop under the title Archaeology Day. The workshop was the joint effort of the Department of Antiquity Awareness and Cultural Development of North Daqahliya and the local NGOs al-Mugahed Hassan Tobar and al-Nahda Youth.

Researcher and writer Sameh al-Zahar who was in charge of the workshop told Wataninet that the workshop was sponsored by North Daqahliya Antiquity authority and Daqahliya Culture Centre, and aimed at raising cultural and archaeological awareness among children. More than 100 children three and 14 years old took part.

Mr Zahar said that the children participated with gusto in the activities of the workshop which started off with a talk about excavation for monuments the sciences involved. Then the practical part started with the children going to a place designed as a real excavation site, and children were given plastic utensils to explore it.

The workshop, Mr Zahar said, has been very successful. It will be held all year round in order to create a generation of children that have close links to their heritage.

Watani International
5 August 2016

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