Egyptian Museum’s piece of the month

21-06-2016 10:29 PM

Sanaa’ Farouk

The Egyptian public will from now onwards have a say in the pieces of antiquity the Egyptian Museum chooses to highlight.
In an attempt to raise antiquity awareness among Egyptians, and also to give Egyptians the opportunity to actively contribute to decisions that directly concern their heritage, the Antiquities Ministry is launching a new trend on Facebook.
The museum has decided to offer the selection of its Piece of the Month, which has been so far decided upon by the museum board, in a public poll on its Facebook page. Egyptians would vote on which one of a dozen artefacts posted on the Ministry’s page would be displayed in the place of honour as Piece of the Month. The page says: “Please Vote which piece you wish to be piece of the month in July. Voting would be through your comments.”


Egyptian Museum’s piece of the month

WATANI International
22 June 2016

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