Moving King Nub to Luxor Museum

09-06-2015 07:40 PM

Amany Khairy


Luxor was the scene of an impressive processional celebration yesterday, 8 June, during which the sarcophagus of the 17th Dynasty (1650 – 1550BC) king Nubkheperre was moved from the antiquity warehouse at Gurna, west of Luxor, to Luxor Museum. On hand to welcome the ancient Egyptian king to the museum were Muhammad Badr, Governor of Luxor; Mustafa Waziri, Director General of Upper Egypt Antiquities in the Ministry of Antiquities; and Sanaa’ ahmed Omar, Director of the Upper Egypt Museums Sector at the Ministry. The public participated with gusto.

The sarcophagus had been unearthed by the Spanish expedition during its work at the ancient cemetery at Dra Abul-Naga. It is 2 metres long, 50cm wide, and 42 cm high and is decorated in colourful motifs of large feathers. According to Mr Waziri, the sarcophagus belongs to a rare type known as the feather sarcophagus, and its vivid colours and inscriptions are in an excellent condition.






Watani International

9 June 2015


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