Replicas of Egypt’s antiquities tour Japan

01-08-2016 08:02 PM

Mervat Ayad

Following the great success of the first exhibition of replicas of Egyptian antiquities, which was held early July at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, Cairo, Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities has decided to hold exhibitions outside the country to showcase the replicas to the world.
Amr al-Tibi, executive director of the Archaeological Replicas Unit at the Antiquities Ministry said that the exhibition is the fruit of joint cooperation between the Ministry and Al-Ahram Corporation which will pay the packaging and transportation costs of the replicas as well as the insurance which amounts to EGP37.7 million.
The exhibition, Mr Tibi said, will open during the fourth quarter of this year in Tokyo, Japan where it will run for nine days, then move to Osaka for another nine days. It will feature 150 replicas of pieces from among the Tutankhamun collection, and will offer visitors a number of archaeological and scientific publications and books published by the Antiquities Ministry.



Watani International
1 August 2016

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