Bright face of Egypt

11-10-2013 01:33 PM

Donia Wagdy

The Egyptian artist Adel Nassief, 51, is taking part this year in the French Autumn Salon, and will honoured on 20 October by the Salon in a celebration to be held in the Coptic Orthodox church of the Archangel Mikhail among the Egyptian congregation.

The French Autumn Salon will open on 16 October. Its history goes back to 1903 when it was first launched with the aim of encouraging and developing arts. It previously hosted artworks of the veteran artists such as Renoir, Cezanne and Picasso. 
Nassief will participate in the Salon, together with a number of other Egyptian artists, with his mosaic of “Blessed be Egypt, My People”, among exhibits entitled “The bright face of Egypt”.
His 300-sq.m. mosaic in the Archangel Mikhail’s was chosen by the French Cultural Ministry to be listed as a notable cultural heritage worthy of a visit. 
Nasseif commented on his honouring by saying: “This is not only an honour to Egyptian art, but also the first honour for contemporary Coptic art. It shows the whole world that Egypt has been and will be always a land of love, peace and prosperity.”
Nassief’s  works have been acquired not only by institutions in Egypt, but also in the Netherlands, Spain, Kenya, South Africa, Sweden, Australia, US, France and Greece.    
Watani International 
11 October 2013
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