Dolls in a row at Cairo Opera House

10-01-2017 08:32 PM

Sylvia Hermina

Hena aarayes betettrass (Here are Dolls in Row)++, a theme of a popular folk

song, is the title of a current exhibition at the Salah Taher gallery in the Cairo

Opera House grounds by the artist Samaa Yehia. The show runs until 16 January. 

Artworks on display include 35 drawings on ++khayameya++ (tent making

fabrics), as well as a collection of wooden carved dolls  inlaid of metallic and

various materials taken from the environment. 

With her passion for heritage, Yehia chose ++khayameya++ to create her folkloric

depictions using not just paint, but also sand and ceramic powder to enrich the

surface; the end result is that the paintings appear as though sculpted. She also did

not use the traditional frame of paintings, but she preferred to keep the

khayameya’s original frame made of linen cloth. 

In abstract and expressionist formations, her subjects include the typical peasant

woman with her headscarf ornamented with beads and spangles, and her large

golden earrings.

Born in 1967, Yehia holds a PhD degree in art. She has won several international


Watani International

10 January 2017


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