Egyptian artist paints Omar Sharif on Geneva wall

13-02-2018 11:03 PM

Michael Girgis

Egyptian-born artist Aya Tarek has painted a 30m-mural of Omar Sharif in Geneva, Switzerland, as part of the Festival Antigel (held this year from 26 January to 17 February). [ ]

Omar Sharif (1932 – 2015) was an Egyptian actor who began his career in Egypt in the 1950s, and went ton to gain international fame by starring in British and American productions. His films included Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Doctor Zhivago (1965), and Funny Girl (1968). He was nominated for an Academy Award, won three Golden Globe Awards and a César Award.

Aya Tarek (born 1989) is a painter, street artist and illustrator. On her Facebook page, Ms Tarek wrote that her work explores the different interchanges within modes of urban communication and the dynamic of a public space. Using a vibrant, comic-derived aesthetic, and often working through site-specific murals, she aims to trigger a humorous sense of controversy, investigating ideas pertaining to different public contexts.

Ms Tarek participated in various exhibitions and events including Djerbahood, Itinerrance Gallery (2014), Vagabonds Congress, Theatre RMPH (2014), CityLeaks, Cologne (2013), White Wall, Beirut Art Centre (2012), Arabic Graffiti & Egyptian Street Art in Frankfurt, Streets of Frankfurt (2012), Ankh Project, ITP Berlin (2011), Graffiti: Style/ History/ Experience, Goethe Institute (2011).

Watani International

13 February 2018

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