Egyptian handcrafts showcased in Downtown Cairo

11-10-2017 05:20 PM

Sylvia Hermina

An exhibition of handcrafts opened last evening, 10 October, in Lamasaat gallery in Downtown Cairo. The exhibition, which runs till 17 October, features works of local jewellery designers besides traditional handcrafts.
Among the artists displaying their works is Omar Gad whose creations are made of Sinai sand with their various shades of yellow and brown. His works included panels of different sizes depicting palms and desert scenery, also sand formations in glass vessels.
Kamal Ragheb’s glassworks shione in green and blue glass, and his intricate woodworks gained the admiration of visitors.
The group Ibdaa Masr (Egypt Creativity) chimed in with Sinai gowns hand embroidered in vivid colours, and hand woven rugs. Creative Foundation participated with boxes of wood inlaid with ivory, and works of ++khayamiya++, the art of decorative appliqued tent making material.
Jewellery designers Hind Abdel-Fattah and Israa’ Barakat displayed their modern designswhich depended in the major part on ornamented metallic formations and semi-precious stones. Ms Barakat’s metal-based designs carried copious Arabic calligraphy and floral patterns, whereas Ms Abdel-Fattah depended more on the use of turquoise and other stones.

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