End-of-summer art exhibition

03-10-2016 01:22 PM

Sylvia Hermina

The exhibition Masterpieces XV which closed on 30 September at the Zamalek Art Gallery in Cairo acted as a fitting touch of beauty with which to end to the summer artistic season in the capital. This was the 15th year in a row for the month-long exhibition to take place at this time of the year.

The gallery presented an exclusive collection of 70 paintings and sculptures by 35 prominent veteran artists, side-by-side with some promising young talents. Among these artists are Abdel-Rahman al-Nachar, Abdel-Aziz Saab, Adel Mustafa, Anas al-Alousi, Carelle Homsy, Gamal Abdel-Nasser, Ayman Saadawi, Nathan Doss, Gamal al-Segini, Rabab Nemr, Yasmine al-Hazek, Khaled Sorour, George Fikry, Kamal al-Feki and Gazbia Sirry.

The artworks on display, both sculptures and paintings, reflect typical Egyptian scenes and character. They include a bronze sculpture by Ayman Saadawi inspired by the typical provincial Egyptian town, and paintings by George Fikry depicting Egyptian social customs and traditions. Fikry generously uses symbols in his works.

Rabab Nemr’s The Fishermen of Anfoushi manifests her bond with her husband, the prominent artist Mustafa Abdel-Moity, while the late artist Gamal al-Segini’s piece reveals his profound culture and deep-rooted connection to Egyptian artistic tradition, as well Islamic and European art.

Yasmine al-Hazek, an artist who belongs to the younger generation, expresses herself through distinct caricature-like outlines and vibrantly ‘fearless’ coloured backdrops, which makes her work instantly recognisable.

Gazbia Sirry, one of Egypt’s leading artists, has always had the ‘Egyptian’ at the core of her work. Her two paintings, each in a totally different style, display the sheer breadth of her talent.


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