Open Door opens in Zamalek

17-01-2017 07:15 PM

Sylvia Hermina



“The Open Door” is the title of the recent exhibition by artist Noha Nagui at the Nile Art Gallery in Zamalek, Cairo, which runs till 3 February.


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In 24 artworks drawn in the graphite technique, using pencil, Nagui depicts ‘non-personification’ in social and cultural identity rather than in persons themselves.    

Nagui was born in 1970 and holds a BA in Fine Arts from Alexandria University. She offers a visual language that features sensitivity and serenity, allowing the viewer to enjoy the simple details. 



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Nagui’s work inevitably raise the question of why the ethics and aesthetics in form and rhythm are no longer the standard in the social and moral culture of today, or why they never extended from the past generation to the newer one. For her, this applies to all forms of art:  theatre, cinema, singing and poetry.


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