Pantographic exhibition in Cairo

29-03-2017 02:28 PM

Sylvia Hermina






“Diversity” is the title of an exhibition that opened Sunday 26 March in Lamasaat art gallery, Downtown Cairo, displaying the works of photographer Amr Fouda. The exhibition runs till 6 April.

Fouda’s works are executed in the pantographic technique, an old art which today makes use of recent technology by adding the visual effects of digital art on photos, reflecting thus the artist’s imagination.

Nature, landscapes, peacocks, horses, roses, and butterflies all feature as topics in Fouda’s work. He re-forms the scenes with a focus on light and shade.

His works also include photographs of ballet and the Sufi tannoura dance which he depicts with the medieval al-Muizz street in the background.


Fouda was born in 1959 and earned a Bachelor degree in filming in 1982 from the Higher Institute for Cinema (HCI) in Cairo. He worked with several TV news channels in Europe, the US, and Japan. He also did work in the field of design and computer graphics. He directed a number of documentaries inside and outside Egypt.        



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29 March 2017

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