Taste of time in Bahgoury’s characters

01-01-2019 11:00 PM

Sylvia Hermina

“I am trying to shift lines, angles and faces just to bring joy, and make reality much brighter and more glamorous,” Egyptian artist George Bahgoury said about his recent 35 artworks on display at Picasso Art Gallery, Zamalek, Cairo, from 23 December 2018 till 18 January 2019.

Under the theme title “Taste of Time”, Bahgoury’s paintings narrate Egyptian tales that convey cultural legacies and social traditions.

“I am attracted to people’s features and how they peer out of colour paints, as if they are characters who can listen but keep silent,” Bahgoury said. He appears to have totally rebelled against classic depiction, using nature as a live model. His portraits of peasants, farmers, street-vendors, angels, and old saints use the seven spectrum colours to drop their rays on the surfaces of the paintings.

George Bahgoury is a contemporary Egyptian painter, cartoonist, and sculptor who has gained worldwide fame for art of exceptional quality.

Watani International

1 January 2019


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