Autistic children’s art

29-04-2014 09:45 PM

Ekhlass Atallah

Some 80 splendid art works by 156 autistic children have been put on show at the Ziad Bakir Hall of Fine Arts at the Cairo Opera House. Culture Minister Saber Arab opened the one-week-long exhibition which runs till 3 May under the title “Symbols”

The exquisite artistic works are executed in several media: painting, colour photography, embroidery, carving, wood, wax and acrylic..
The exhibition is organised by the Egyptian Advance Society for Persons with Autism and Other Disabilities (ADVANCE) jointly with 15 other NGOs that work with children with disabilities. ADVANCE sees its mission as to ensure a wide range of life-long remedial, educational, vocational, and rehabilitation services for children and adults with Autism and other disabilities, in order for them to be independent and better able to integrate in the community.
Dr Arab stressed that it is the duty of the community and governmental and non-governmental organisations to care for persons with Autism and other psychological, social, educational and health disabilities. The advancement of nations, he said, is measured by the care they offer to persons with disabilities. Autistc children are brilliant and, if well cared for and consistently followed on, can yield worthy contribution to their communities.
Watani International
29 April 2014
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