Two new children’s books

20-09-2015 11:43 PM

Ekhlass Atallah


Among children’s books recently hitting the bookshelves are two published by the Egyptian General Book Organisation among its Sanabel (Wheat sheaves) Series. One is Thimaar al-Fawaakih Likul Sukaan al-Madina (Fruit Harvest for all the Townspeople) written by Hassan Nour and illustrated by Nasser Hamed. It includes stories that urge children to get involved in voluntary charity work and teach them good manners.

The second is Magliss al-Gidaat (Grandmothers’ Assembly) by Hisham Elwan and illustrated by Muhammad Abdel-Hafiz. It introduces stories told by grandmothers to their grandchildren in an innovative narrative style.


Watani International

19 September 2015





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