Chanting for peace

21-09-2015 05:32 PM

Ekhlass Atallah

The 8th round of the International Samaa Festival for Chanting and Spiritual music

took off Sunday 20 September and runs till 27 September at the 12th century

Saladin Citadel on Muqattam Hill in Cairo.

The opening of the festival coincided with the World Day for Peace, and its closing

date marks the World Day for Tourism.

This year’s guest of honour is Algeria, since its capital Algiers has been chosen as

the Arab culture capital for 2015. Some 15 countries are taking part, including

China, India, Greece, France, Kuwait, Tunisia, Indonesia, Syria, and Russia.

On the second day of the festival a ‘folkloric carnival’ was held, in which all the

participant countries marched with their flags and in their national dress in the

districts of Ghouriya and al-Muizz streets in Islamic Cairo.

The festival is honouring Anba Ermiya, Bishop-General and head of the Coptic

Cultural Centre; the name of the late Sheikh Khalil al-Hussari; and the French

opera-singer Caroline Dumas whose songs call for peace and tolerance.

On the sideline, a big fair is held for typical Egyptian handcrafts.

Watani International

21 September 2015

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