Make heritage fun

14-03-2016 07:28 PM

Mervat Ayad

The Egyptian Centre for Civilisation and Creativity is joining the UNESCO

initiative “Make heritage fun” by hosting the activities of the event in the Child

Museum. The initiative aims to promote awareness of heritage among children

through edutainment.

The day started with a trip along the history of ancient Egypt during the era of the

pyramids builders. The children visited the Giza pyramids, and listened to a

definition of all digging tools and how the archaeologists entered the Great

Pyramid. They were also told about the Giza Plateau and Thebes West Bank in

present-day Luxor as among the Egyptian heritage landmarks registered on the list

of world heritage.

Through this trip, Usama Abdel-Wareth, general manager of the Child Museum

added, the children gained an exciting adventure which told them of the discovery

of Tutankhamun’s tomb in Luxor’s West Bank by Howard Carter in 1922.

At the end of the trip, children wearing ancient Egyptian royal gowns took a group

photo as they raised a banner with the slogan “Make Heritage Fun”.

Make Heritage Fun! (#makeheritagefun) is a global campaign to motivate people

to engage with heritage. This series of events is a social media campaign occurring

simultaneously at cities around the world to draw attention to heritage—and yet

another way for laypersons to engage with heritage. Experiences from across the

world are collated and amplified through social media using the hashtag


The prime goal of a #makeheritagefun event is to draw attention to heritage by

creating both online buzz and offline conversations.

Watani International

14 March 2016

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