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Tannhauser comes to Cairo

Nader Shukry

29 Oct 2015 9:26 pm


Cairo audiences will be treated to a performance of Richard Wagner’s Tannhauser at the New York Metropolitan Opera on the afternoon of Saturday 31 October at the Small Hall of the Cairo Opera House. The performance will be broadcast live, according to an agreement through which the Cairo Opera House has joined the Met’s international transmission network. A giant screen and high-quality stereo sound makes the performance come live. The Met’s Tannhauser is conducted by James Levine, and stars  Johan Botha, Eva-Maria Westbroek,  and Peter Mattei.

Tannhauser, written and composed by Richard Wagner in 1845, comes in three acts and depicts Germany during the Middle Ages. It is replete with situations steeped in chivalry and legend, and centres on the struggle between romantic and profane love.


Tannhauser comes to Cairo 3

Tannhauser comes to Cairo 1

Watani International

29 October 2015





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