Traffic Town for children

28-02-2017 10:28 AM

Sanaa' Farouk

The Egyptian Traffic Department has recently created a mini mobile Traffic Town that aims to acquaint children aged four to ten with traffic and driving rules, and teach them to honour these rules.
The mobile Traffic Town, which is expected to roam Egypt’s various governorates, is intended to boost children’s knowledge and awareness of traffic systems and rules in a practical manner, in order to form a generation that is well acquainted with traffic codes and consciously chooses to apply them.
The Traffic Town includes a track on which various types of traffic lines are drawn. A 3D model of the sidewalks also figures on the track. Some parts of the sidewalks are painted in black and white to show the children that parking is allowed in these areas, whereas other areas are painted in yellow and black to show that parking is not allowed. The town also includes interactive traffic signs and lights for cars and pedestrians. Children who have a ride in Traffic Town will be handed story books on the five most common traffic violations that cause road accidents, colouring books, puzzles and souvenir mock driving licenses.

Watani International
28 February 2017

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