Drumming up peace

28-04-2014 12:56 PM

Ekhlass Atallah

A splendid finale last Friday marked the close of the Drums Dialogue for Peace at the 10th century citadel of Saladin on Muqattam Hill east of Cairo. It was a magnificent finish for the international festival for drums and traditional arts, held at the citadel from 19 to 25 April, under the auspices of the Egyptian ministries of culture, tourism and antiquities.

The closing ceremony metamorphosed into a scene of vibrant interaction between the audience and the participant bands. The medieval citadel walls resounded with the singing and clapping of the crowds who enthusiastically broke into joyful dance to the charming backdrop of the historical arena.
Founded and directed by Intissar Abdel-Fattah, the festival promotes intercultural dialogue among the participating countries, of which Greece is the guest of honour.
The festival paid tribute to Egyptian and international folk music icons, including writer and thinker Tharwat Okasha, folk dancer and choreographer Mahmoud Reda, director Abdel-Rahman al-Shafei and many others who contributed to the preservation and promotion of folk heritage. 
Egypt, Southern Sudan and Liberia decided to establish the first international band for drums and traditional arts, in an effort to promote peace and harmony among their respective peoples. 
WATANI International
28 April 2014
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