Korean film in Cairo

27-05-2016 07:10 PM

Antoun Milad Rehab Gamal

The Korean Cultural Centre in cooperation with Korea Association and Cultural

Development Fund have organised the Korean Film Festival from 23 to 27 May at

the Creativity Centre of Cairo Opera House where Korean food was also served.

The festival presented various genres of modern Korean comedy, tragedy, and

action films dubbed into English.

Dr Park Jay Yang, Head of the Korean Cultural Centre, opened the festival.

Egyptian film critic Yaqoot al-Deeb and Ghada Gbara, Professor of Cinema and

former Vice-Dean of the Egyptian Cinema Institute at the Arts Academy attended

the opening night.

Egyptian young people especially were keen to attend and crowded the screening

halls filling all the seats and overflowing out on the staircases. Most of them were

students of Korean language at universities or facebook activists. The films were

screened included Catch Me, Mama, Hot Young Bloods, Born to Sing and How to

Steal A Dog.

Korean cinema is one of the components of the Korean halio that means the spread

of Korean culture. Last year, the revenue of Korean filmmaking in world was

about $1.42 billion. And the number of Korean films exported to the world are

about 650.

The opening film “Catch Me” is a romantic comedy about a police profiler who

has a 100 percent success rate in tracking down suspects. One day while he is on a

stakeout, the criminal attempts to flee and gets run over in a hit and run accident.

When he follows the driver to make an arrest, he finds himself face to face with the

first girl he ever loved. Their relationship had ended ten years before. The police

officer finds out more shocking truths about his ex-girlfriend, like the fact that she

is a notorious thief who has been so long on the most wanted list for stealing

priceless artworks and gems across Seoul.

Watani International

27 May 2016



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