Celebrating spring and heritage

17-04-2018 04:40 PM

Sanaa’ Farouk

The Museum of Prince Muhammad Ali Tawfik Palace in Manial, Cairo, has held a Spring celebration for children under the title “A Rose and an Onion”. The title refers to roses which bloom in spring, and onions which have been used by Egyptians since ancient times during spring festivals to ward off evil spirits.

The Manial Palace celebration involved 75 children which the NGO “Way to the Goal” cares for. They were treated to a guided tour in the palace garden where they got to know about the various types of flowers that bloom in spring.

Walaa al-Din Badawi, Director-General of the museum, said that the children participated in an origami workshop that taught them to shape roses, as well as a puppet show.

On World Heritage Day, 18 April, the Manial museum will hold an event themed Ala al-Ahwa (At the Coffeshop) through which participants will be briefed on Arabian coffee, its history and various kinds, and why it is a valuable cultural heritage.

Two heritage pieces from the museum’s coffee collection will be put on display: a kanaka, the special small brass vessel used to brew Arabic coffee, and a sepertaya the brass alcohol-fueled burner whose mild fire made sure the coffee was brewed slowly and expertly, which one day belonged to Prince Muhammad Ali Tawfik.

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