Egyptian Geographic Society under restoration

05-02-2017 05:22 PM

Sanaa’ Farouq

Restoration work is ongoing at the Egyptian Geographic Society (Société de

Géographie d’Egypte) on Qasr al-Aini Street in central Cairo, next to the House of

Representatives. The work is being done by Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry, in

cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education.

The Egyptian Geographic Society was established in 1875 by a decree of Khedive

Ismail to foster geographical knowledge and encourage geographical surveys and

field investigations in Egypt and many unexplored areas of Africa and the Upper

Nile. Today the Egyptian Geographic Society is a non-governmental organisation

whose main functions are to enhance public awareness of geography as a

development-oriented discipline, initiate comprehensive field work in Egypt,

develop research ties with similar societies in other countries, and organise local

and regional meetings and exhibitions.

According to Ghareeb Sonbol head of the Antiquities Ministry’s restoration

department, a high profile committee of experts heads the project, and is compiling

a comprehensive restoration plan of the building and its unique possessions. Dr

Sonbol said that the work has started, however, with cleaning the façade of the

building. egyptian-geographic- society/9281/

Watani International

2 February 2017

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