Talli heritage handicrafts on exhibition in Assiut

12-03-2019 08:07 PM

Basma William

Beit al-Talli in Assiut, the capital city of Upper Egypt, which is situated some 350km south of Cairo, now houses an exhibition of talli heritage handicrafts by spontaneous artist Saad Zaghloul. Talli is the craft of embroidering traditional fabric in gold and silver thread.

The exhibition was opened yesterday by Amr Abdel-Aal, deputy to Assiut Governor. Mr Abdel-Aal toured the four-storey museum which the pavilions of which include fine art works and sculptures by Zaghloul, as well as woodwork and metal handicrafts, and talli.

Mr Abdel-Aal praised the museum as the first centre for preserving heritage and expressed his admiration of Zaghloul’s paintings.

Since it was established in 1994 and officially opened as a museum in 2015, Beit al-Talli acts as the first centre for preserving heritage and folk art in Assiut. It also doubles as a talli training centre for women and girls.

Watani International

12 March 2019

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