Cairo Opera goes to Children’s Cancer Hospital

27-12-2015 11:36 PM

Nader Shukry Photos by Salah Saied

Ines Abdel-Dayem, Head of the Cairo Opera House (COH), and Tarek Thabet, member of Board of Trustees of the Children’s Cancer Hospital—commonly known as 57357, the number of the bank account through which donations to the hospital are accepted—signed a protocol that included holding regular artistic activities at the hospital’s stage and inviting the sick children to attend performances at the COH. It also included training the choir of the sick children by experts and inviting bands and musicians from inside and outside Egypt to visit the children and hold music activities and workshops at the hospital.

Thabet thanked the COH for the initiative, to which Abdel-Dayem said that COH works on building a better future for and by the children; and that the activities held at 57357 are a form of solidarity and sincere sentiment offered to the sick children. She also warmly thanked the volunteer musicians, singers and workers who participate in the activities and events held especially for the sick children.

After the signing of the protocol, the 57357 presented Abdel-Dayem with its shield in appreciation for her efforts to support the hospital and the patients.

The German band Cairo Steps visited the hospital and performed some of their distinctive jazz works. There was also a performance of Walt Disney characters, which strongly attracted hundreds of children and their families. The role of Tarzan was played by Ibrahim Nagi, Lumiere by Elhami Amin, Mulan by Dalia Farouq, Aladdin by Hisham al-Guindy, Cindrella by Nourista al-Merghani, Elsa by Amina Khairat, the Princess by Marian Makram, the Beast by Osama Ali. The actors then shook hands and played with the children and took photographs together.

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