Coptic music from the Nile to the Thames

06-03-2019 10:55 AM

Rose Hosny

“The Coptic Music: From the Nile to the Thames” was the theme title of a recent lecture given by Professor Michael Henein at the Egyptian Bureau for Cultural and Educational Affairs in London. Dr Henein is a consultant cardiologist in the UK and Sweden, and a PhD researcher in Coptic music, particularly St Basil Liturgy according to the Coptic rite. He is also director of St Kyrillos European Choir.

Dr Henein used available evidence to provide liturgical music analysis of Coptic music, including the use of Pharaonic musical instrument replicas. He reviewed a series of research results concerning analysis of the Coptic melody of St Basil Liturgy, comparing between the hymns in the Coptic and Greek churches.

The lecture was followed by a discussion among three expert musicians on the features of the Coptic music.

Anba Angaelos, Bishop of London ttended the lecture, as did Egyptian Consul-General in London, Alaa al-Din Youssef; as well as several professors, musicians, and members of the Egyptian community in the UK.

Watani International
6 March 2019

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