Les Petit Chats sing for love

10-02-2016 08:38 PM

Nader Shukry

Under the title “Love Songs”, the veteran band Les Petit Chats last Sunday

performed a concert at the Grand Hall of the Cairo Opera House in celebration of

Valentine’s. The repertoire featured a collection of the most popular international

romantic songs including La Femme de mon ami, I who have nothing, Rain Man,

Dancing Queen, Words, My Way, We are the World.

The songs brought to life nostalgic memories of the 1970s, the heyday of Les Petit

Chats. The band left a lasting impact on the music scene back then and, even

though it presented no productions of its own, it offered Egyptian audiences live

shows of the music and songs of all the best performers in Europe and America at

the time.

The band was formed in 1967 by Wagdy Francis who performed the songs,

guitarist Omar Khorshid, Omar Khairat on the drums, Ezzat Abu-Ouf on the organ

and Hany Shenouda on the hammond. Sobhy Bedeir and Sadeq Qellini later joined

as singers and George Lucas on the saxophone. By the 1980s Les Petit Chats

disbanded, with each member following an illustrious career in music on his own.

The Sunday concert featured the old boys of the band Francis, Bedeir, Qellini, and

Abu-Ouf. They were accompanied by Ramy Sousou, Elhamy Amin, and the

pianist and conductor Nayer Nagui.

Watani International

10 December 2016

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