Consumer protection through drama

07-05-2017 08:30 PM

Mariam Adly




The State affiliated Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) has signed a protocol of cooperation with Nile FM Radio for art production to broadcast during the month of Ramadan the drama series A’ilat al-Ustaz Aref (Mr Aref’s Family). This will be the third season in a row that the series is broadcast in Ramadan, the holy Muslim month of fasting and feasting, when radio and TV listening and viewership is at their prime. Against a comedic backdrop, the series features the daily life of a typical Egyptian family, and uses that setting to give advice on and caution against purchasing and trade practices that infringe on consumer rights. Atef Yacoub, director of CPA, said that this year’s drama series focuses on rationalising consumption and how to deal with the rising prices, all against the backdrop of the consumer rights guaranteed by law. He said the episodes familiarise audiences with the role of the CPA and how it works to protect their rights. They stress the right to have defective goods replaced, and they advise on misleading advertisements. There will be a contest to measure how much the audience benefitted from the drama.

“The protocol motivates Nile FM to play a role in raising public awareness through emphasising the CPA’s principle that ‘protection is better than cure’. Cooperation will include receiving consumers complaints and reporting them to the CPA for necessary action”, said Waleed Ramadan, Chief Executive Officer of Nile Radio.

Finally, Yacoub stressed that consumers can reach the agency through the hot line 19588, the website or through CPA’s mobile application.


‎Watani International

7 May 2017


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