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Home produce on sale

Georgette Sadeq

14 Nov 2016 7:26 pm





The 56th annual exhibition of home-produced goods opened on Sunday 13 November, under the name Diyarna, literally Our Homes. Minister of Social Solidarity Ghada Wali will open the exhibition; with her was Soha Soliman, Secretary-General of the Social Development Fund.


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The exhibition, held under the theme “Made in Egypt; Buy Egyptian”, includes the handcrafted goods, heritage and environmental crafts, furniture, and food products of 27 societies of productive families are members in the Social Solidarity project known as the Productive Families. These are families which the Ministry sponsors by encouraging them to run cottage industries then helps to market their goods. The annual exhibitions where these goods are put on sale usually runs for some two weeks and has a reputation for selling reasonably-priced high-quality products. 


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