Houseware city in Minya

06-03-2017 10:15 AM

Amany Ayed

The Cairo Chamber of Commerce’s Houseware Department is in the process of

establishing the first ‘houseware city’ in Egypt to include factories for the

production of houseware. The move comes with the purpose of providing local-

made alternatives to imported goods; a boon to traders, investors and consumers.

The new industrial complex will be established in the Minya region, some 250km

south of Cairo. The State’s Industrial Development Association has allocated some

150,000 square meters to establish the houseware city which is expected to start

with seven factories that would produce home and hotel porcelain items, two

factories for aluminum plated with ceramic and granite, a glass factory, a plastic

injection factory, and a plant for stainless steel home items. The primary budget for

the project’s first phase is between EGP230 – 250 million, and may increase within

five years to EGP350 – 400 million.

Goods produced in the new industrial complex should covers 25 – 30 per cent of

the needs of the Egyptian market. It aims to cover 40 – 50 per cent the market in

seven years time.

“The new factories will provide 700 job,” said Hisham Nazih, member of in

houseware department and one of the investors in the new city. ‎ He added that, so

far, the number of investors in the houseware city has reached 24.

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