25 scholarships from Sohag University to Nile Basin students

12-01-2019 05:29 PM

Amal Ibrahim

Sohag University in the city of Sohag some 400km south of Cairo, has announced that it is allocating 25 scholarships to students from Nile Basin countries.

Ahmed Aziz Abdel-Moneim, President of Sohag University, said that the university is keen to nurture bonds with various countries in the world, especially those tightly connected to Egypt through its lifeline, the Nile.

Ali Abul-Rai, Sohag University’s Director of Graduate Studies, said that the scholarships included studying for one PhD and two Masters degrees in Medicine; also for Masters degrees in the sciences and arts; commerce; education; archeology; nursing; veterinary medicine; agriculture; physical education; and industrial education.

Watani International

12 January 2019

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