ADEF: Preparing the young for the digital age

10-10-2017 10:53 PM

Angele Reda

The Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF) holds on 13 October a celebration to mark the closing ceremony of the second round of summer schools for 2017, at the Darb 1718 Egyptian Contemporary Art and Culture Centre in Fustat, Cairo.
The non-profit organisation ADEF specialises in professionally tailored workshops for young people aged 12 – 20, that span across many disciplines and which capitalises on self-expression and knowledge-sharing, with the aim of preparing youth for the digital age.
Participating in the summer activities over the two months of July and August, were a number of civil society organisations in Cairo, Giza, Qalyubiya and Alexandria. These included the NGOs ++Alwan++ (Colours); ++Awtar (Strings)++; ++Ruwaad Egypt++ (Egypt Pioneers); Cairo Jesiut Animation School; and al-Tak3eiba Art Centre.
From various places all over Egypt, 328 girls and boys participated in ADEF summer schools, where they were offered 24 free-of-charge workshops by 27 experienced trainers. Classes ran three times a week, four hours a day, and covered video-taping, visual art and computing.
The 13 October celebration features the work produced by the young people: artworks, films, and music.
Muhammad Mustafa, video-taping trainer with Ruwwad Egypt, noted that, “This year, I was concerned more about the ‘ethical’ not ‘technical’ aspects of videotaping, especially since the latter is taught in various places, but sentiments of care and respect may escape some trainers, and thus need to be instilled in youngsters.
The young people, Mr Mustafa said, were keen to learn and enjoyed what they did. Their choice of topic was clearly influenced by what region they came from.

The project to prepare young people for digital age was launched in November 2014, its main goals being to provide Arabic-language curricula in the fields of video, audio, music, visual expression and computerisation. It has already trained 100 young men and women in the age group 21 and above in creative expression, team work, critical thinking, and knowledge sharing.

Watani International
10 October 2017

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