BUE grants Sir Magdi Yacoub honorary doctorate

21-10-2015 05:32 PM

Mariam Adly

In appreciation of his momentous innovative contribution in the field of cardiac surgery, and in recognition of his long journey with scientific research and community work, as well as in his capacity as the founder and head of the board of Trustees of the Magdi Yaacoub heart Foundation, the British University in Egypt (BUE) has granted Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub an honorary doctorate.

Sir Magdi was awarded the honorary doctorate during the BUE’s graduation ceremony of its seventh class, ten years after the university’s foundation.  The ceremony was held at the BUE, and attended by a large number of public figures, including the scientist Farouk al-Baz; Minister of High Education Ashraf al-Shiehy, previous presidential candidate Amr Moussa; as well as a number of ambassadors and university figures in Egypt and the UK.


BUE grants Sir Magdi Yacoub honorary doctorate 3

BUE President Ahmed Hamad expressed pride at awarding Sir Magdi the honorary degree for his outstanding effort in the field of heart treatment, for being the founder of Aswan Heart Foundation in 2009, and his persistent efforts in the field of heart treatment in Ethiopia and other developing countries.  His scientific successes, Dr Hamad said, earned him several awards and honours. Sir Magdi was knighted by the Queen in 1991, and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for doing 100 heart surgeries in one year in 1980. In 2011, he was honoured for his work in Egypt when he was awarded the Nile Collar for science and humanity, the highest award in Egypt.

Receiving the UK Order of Merit from Queen Elizabeth II in 2014, Professor Yacoub has become the first Egyptian to ever receive the prestigious award.

During the celebration, the BUE head announced for founding a new centre by Sir Magdi to be dedicated for research of organic medicine at the BUE.

Sir Magdy addressed the new graduates. He said they were the hope for building a new Egypt and confronting looming challenges. They should be role models in achieving the impossible, he said.



BUE grants Sir Magdi Yacoub honorary doctorate 2

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21 October 2015



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