Education Minister fulfills dream of student with disability

19-02-2019 10:05 PM

Amir Abdel-Messih

The teenage student Nada Abbas Ali, who suffers muscle atrophy and hence motor disability, expressed on Facebook a ‘dream wish’ to possess a wheelchair so she could move around, go on with her schooling, and eventually become a social worker. The young woman had barely expressed her wish when her dream came true.

Egypt’s Minister of Education, Tarek Shawki, learnt about the young woman’s dream and saw to it that her need should be fulfilled.

Nada, who with her family lives in the mid-Delta city of Tanta, Gharbiya, was amazed to receive a visit from Shennawi Abdel-Ayed, Head of Gharbiya Education Directorate, who gave her a wheelchair. She explained that until not too long ago her mother had carried her to school, but could no longer do so, hence the need for a wheelchair. Mr Ayed related Minister Shawki’s good wishes, and his admiration for Nada’s determination and positive outlook.

For her part, an elated Nada thanked Dr Shawki for his gesture of kindness and care, and his prompt response to her wish.

Watani International

19 February 2019

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